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Program – "No Money Down Marketing Plan"

Dynamic, interactive, 2-3 hour program focused on the contents of and implementation of an effective written Marketing and Sales Plan. The program features Dr. Revenue's CAT-Scan™ a unique, 50 question personal business evaluation tool. This is a high impact life-changing program targeted at entrepreneurs, heads of marketing and sales. For trade associations "No Money Down Marketing Plan" is a true DUES PAYER.

This program is presented monthly for the benefit of SCORE.

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Program - "Rainmakers Never Get Wet!"

A unique 45-80 minute program featuring 10 high impact ideas for building and effectively using a networking strategy for building a professional services business.

This session is focused on networking in your comfort zone. Dr. Revenue shows how to build the tools and programs in your style and how to use them.

For over 40 years Dr. Revenue has successfully built a professional services business with nothing more than a telephone, eMail and a few support collateral pieces. Now with "Rainmakers Never Get Wet!" he shares his secrets to help professionals who are saying, "I didn't go to school to be a salesman!" see how to build their own networking program and achieve success.

This is a must have program for attorneys, CPAs, architects and other professionals who need to bring in business. CPE credit can be given under "Practice Management" for the California Bar.

Program - "Entrepreneurial Business Planning"

Dr. Revenue has taught the Fast Trac™ Entrepreneurial Business Planning course at the University of Southern California [USC] Business Expansion Network since 1993. His students not only learn how to construct a plan, but how to implement it in the trenches to make the business grow.

This 2-3 hour program has been successfully presented for PACE [Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment] and for many other general business audiences.

Professional Speaker Fee Schedule

Dr. Revenue/John Haskell
Professional Speaker Fee Schedule

45 minute-half-day [3+ hour programs]: $ 7,500

Full day programs: $ 15,000

Custom programs: by quotation
Dr. Revenue, John Haskell is first and foremost an experienced entrepreneur and advertising/marketing consulting firm owner. He has been a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and sales person. He is also a highly regarded, very popular professional speaker and seminar leader.

His marketing planning and business development programs have reached audiences from Maine to California and Bermuda to Bogota. Sponsors like Inc. Magazine, Key Corp., Chevron Corporation and Bell South have seen enthusiastic response from entrepreneurs introduced Dr. Revenue’s unique approach.

Dr. Revenue presents "Profit Rx" a solid road map to creating and implementing your Marketing and Sales Plan.

Hundreds of John's students in his
Entrepreneurial Business Planning Course and participants in Dr. Revenue's Marketing and Sales Clinics have benefited from reading and utilizing "Profit Rx"

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